Necklace Little Bollitos gold
Necklace Little Bollitos gold
Necklace Little Bollitos gold


Necklace Little Bollitos gold

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Necklace Little Bollitos gold

This 40 cm necklace is perfect to combine with our longer necklaces, layer layer layer, that's what we love these days!

The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver with a thick layer of 18K gold.

Statement necklaces

The special statement jewelry of La La Lou Barcelona is perfect for the ones that want to stand out with their handmade unique jewelry! Dare to be different and don't be a basic bitch. If you want unique and handmade earrings from Barcelona, La La Lou Barcelona is the place to be.

Necklace Little Bollitos gold

This necklace includes the coordinates of Barcelona city, so you can wear your favourite city around your neck, always, wherever you go!

These earrings are made of 925 sterling silver made by the hands of our lovely team of highly trained craftsmen in Barcelona. The silver jewelry is made with a thick layer of 18karat gold. 


We use an extra thick layer of 18K gold on our 925 silver jewelry. So, the jewelry is able to resist water, as long as the water doesn't consist any chemicals. You can shower with the jewelry as long as you don't use soap or shampoo. And after showering don't put creme or oil in contact with the jewelry. Also don't spray on perfume on the when your wear the jewelry. It can change color when you do. 

If the jewelry will change color within a year, we have a ''service'' that is called, plate repeat. That means you can send back the jewelry IF the color has changed within a year (silver & gold). You can send us the jewelry and we will plate it again and send it back. THIS IS ONLY FOR NECKLACES, EARRINGS, DUE TO HYGENIC REASONS WE NEVER TAKE BACK. 

Please keep in mind, to make the jewelry it will take up to 14 days. 100% handmade in Barcelona.

Sizes of the necklace

 40 cm






Sterling 925 silver


Gold 18k

Necklace Little Bollitos gold