Shell, the jewelry of Nature

Shells are our inspiration for this season. But where do shells actually come from?

Seashells are some of the most beautiful, mysterious and interesting products of ocean life (at least in our humble opinion). They have been incorporated into human societies for thousands of years as tools, art, jewelry, earrings and money. Sometimes even as religious icons or symbols.

Most of them find their origin in mollusks, a large group of marine animals including clams, mussels, and oysters, which exude shells as a protective covering. Shells are excreted from the outer surface of the animal called the mantle and are made up of mostly calcium carbonate. 

To protect itself the shell can turn itself into a various of colors. We are really thankful for that because now we can make some beautiful jewelry.

PS. because our products are from Nature we cannot give you 2 identical ones. Please keep that in mind while shopping for a pair of statement earrings:)!


La La Lou Barcelona