1 Micron gold, what is it and why is it the best?

1 Micron Gold for La La Lou Barcelona´s newest collection

Las Amigas de Naturaleza

The new La La Lou Barcelona collection is even more special! This season we use 1 Micron Gold for our collection. Now I hear your questions: "What kind of gold ?!" In this article you can read all about the different processes of gold and why we use 1 Micron Gold for our latest collection. The pieces we plate ourselves use a 1 micron thickness to give extra durability. (40 times more gold than normal gold plated).

Gold Plating

Plating Thickness

Heavy Gold Plated

> 100 Micro-inch (> 2.5 micron)

Gold Plated

> 20 Micro-inch (> 0.5 micron)

Gold ElectroPlated

> 7 Micro-inch (> 0.175 Micron)

Gold Wash/Flashed

< 7 Micro-inch (< 0.175 Micron)

Solid gold

A solid piece of jewelry consists of 100% pure gold. Solid gold jewelry is very delicate. Gold is a soft material of itself, making solid gold is way to easy to bend. Dents are also added quickly, so solid gold is hardly ever used for jewelry. Another reason for this is of course the price tag for a Solid Gold piece of jewelry. It consists of 100% gold, so it will be very expensive.

Gold Filled

To make jewelry more affordable without losing quality, many jewelry is made from gold filled gold. Metal or silver jewelry is provided with a 14, 18 or 22 carat gold exterior. Because Gold Filled jewelry is very strong, the quality is very good. Gold Filled jewelry can therefore last for years. A high probability that it is a disadvantage that, due to the high percentage of gold, Gold Filled jewelry is also a littl enit more expensive.

Gold Plated

To keep gold jewelry affordable, gold plated gold is often used. The metal or silver jewelry is then provided with a golden layer. The appearance is the same as a Solid Gold or Gold Filled piece of jewelry. Because the golden layer is thinner, the quality is slightly less but the price is also a lot lower. The result is a beautiful piece of jewelry for an affordable price.

1 Micron Gold

To prevent you from paying hundreds of euros for a statement piece from La La Lou Barcelona, ​​for our basic collection we generally use gold plated sterling 925 silver or metal. We use only use 1 micron gold over sterling silver for the new collection. The originally sterling silver jewelry is rested in a 18-carat gold bath and remains there for a while. By letting it absorb instead of just immersing it, the gold layer becomes thicker than usual with normal gold-plated jewelry. The golden layer of the latest La La Lou Barcelona jewelry collection is therefore of even higher quality.

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