La La Lou goes Ibiza

Ibiza Fashion Show

We were so privileged that we were able to show of our handmade jewelry at the Ibiza Fashion Festival on Ibiza. What a great show and what did we meet great people!

We worked together on the runway with Coco e Sol beachwear and other great artists. Karen Windle makes it already possible for 5 years in a row to show of our beautiful stuff on the runway.

It was a 4-day runway party! We went to the Es Vive hotel on Friday the 11th of June. First we had a lovely drink and some delicious food, waiting for everyone to arrive. After we'd build up our booth. After that we (i was so privileged that my friends were with me to help!) thanks so much guys, again... we started dressing the models. I seriously had no idea that dressing models was so much fun and so much chaos at the same time!

RUNWAY time!

But how proud was i, when i saw the models walking with my jewelry on! Yes, i think my friends were crying, lol haha. Since i only starting La La Lou Barcelona 7 months ago, and here we are on Ibiza!

We had a few runway moments and an interview with the press, after that we had a lovely drink at the rooftop terrace (one of the most beautiful things i've seen on Ibiza). After that we went to the amazing Bambuddah to eat some Thai food.

See u next year IBIZA, definitely!!!

Ibiza Fashion festival