Hey Vika! Thank you

Hey Vika! Thank you

We get so many requests from Influencers, if we can work together. That is very nice but sometimes hard for us to tell if the person fits our expectation, fits our style and respects our jewelry.

With Vika we had an instant connection, just like our other influencers we decide to work with of course :) but she wrote such a nice story! You can read it below, or on Vika her website:

Because life is too short to wear boring jewelry!

This quote is from business card by La La Lou Barcelona which was included in my package with amazing necklace. And I totally agree with them. You may noticed that I am a big jewelry lover and I love an unique pieces, and when I received the package and saw this business card instantly I felt connection with my new necklace.
Btw guys, bring to attention, that this season Shell and Golden jewelry in a high demand.

Shell necklace gold

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