Guess what the biggest accessory trend of spring/summer 2018 is?!

We already saw it coming but now it is confirmed by the runway: SHELLS will be the (spring/summer) trend of 2018. As we think it is always beautiful no matter what time of the year it is, this year you cannot walk around and not wear shells.

Runway trends

Every season it's the same questions? Which big labels wearing what, which trends do we spot with the big brands? Which catwalk is deciding what we are going to wear this spring/summer? The trends are not always really outstanding, sometimes it's just a little difference that already makes it a trend. Are you a trend follower? If you are: read below the accessory trends for 2018 spring and summer!

Spring and summer 2018

One thing is for sure; we don't need to worry about mixing silver, gold, rose gold etc. It is actually very okay to wear everything together. Furthermore we have minimalistic (not really our cup of tea ;) ) and mix and match, a-symmetric and of course the statement earrings. And last but not least: the shell, and overall is the clothing showed on the runway is mostly inspired by nature, just like our jewelry!

We are very happy with this trend, and you?



La La Lou Barcelona



Vogue Italy, Vogue Paris